The Best Places to Be when In Paris

19 Aug

Most people describe Paris as 'The City of Love' while others call it the 'The City of Light'. Not only does it have beautiful tourist attraction sites but also gives you the chance to unwind off from the normal working days. It is an ideal tourist destination. In this piece, you will get to know the best places that you should make a visit to when you are in Paris.

The first place that should be on your top to-do list should be the magnificent Eiffel tower. It is the most visited place with other seven million visitors every year. The fact that it is 324m high makes it an ideal place to see the entire Paris city. You must have seen couples and couples getting engagements and marriage proposals while on the tower. Make your visit as well.

The second place should be the Notre Dame Cathedral which is considered the best example of the French gothic architecture in France and Europe. On the roof, it has several sculptures and gargoyles that you can take photos of. A photo will never fade and will always remind you of the memories of the cathedral. For this reason, you need to have your cameras in check and properly working for maximum fun while at the cathedral.

The Louvre Museum is the most visited museum, located at the heart of The City of Light, Paris. It is a historic building that served as a royal palace in the olden days. It gives you the origin of the culture of the people of Paris. The remains are of the Egyptian antiquities, Islam, Greek as well as Roman objects of art. There are also paintings that you will find at the museum mainly portraying the fortress built in the 12th Century. Learn more here.

During the night, go dine on the Seine, probably after having a cruise. There are a lot of these French delicacies that you can order depending on your preference, wants and tastes. Sun sets allow the monuments to be slowly lit which give you that magical view of the tower, the cathedral as well as the arc of triumph. The panoramic view is just magnificent.

Finally, as you embark on visiting Paris, you need to ensure that you get a trusted travel agency that will help you in the selection of the activities to take part in. It is always cheaper and workable for you if you travel through the tour agencies. Go for what you can afford and is reasonable. Get helpful information, visit

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